Lacrosse Polish Media Monitoring Services

Lacrosse media monitoring services keep you informed on the latest industry developments, policy debates and public opinion trends that affect your bottom line in Poland. By keeping a close eye on everything from influential nationwide press and broadcasters, through specialist trade publications, to blogs and social media, we present a comprehensive picture of what 38 million Poles are saying and hearing about the issues you're interested in.

We've watched Poland's economy grow and transform since the early 1990s, and we have an insider's perspective on how the country's media operate within that rapidly changing environment. Lacrosse's media monitoring services help put that experience and insight to work for you.

Lacrosse provided an excellent media monitoring service, covering Polish language newspapers, specialist magazines and blogs. They provided a daily update on relevant articles, and, drawing on previous experience working with the US government, provided great insights on hard topics. Much better than similar services, and I would use them again in a heartbeat. I only wish they spoke Japanese and Arabic, as well as Polish!

Drosten Fisher, Director,
International Business, SM&A

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